HCCI Works Hard for Illinois Nursing Home Communities

Health Care Council of Illinois (HCCI) is the strong, leading voice for nursing home communities across the state. HCCI strives to bridge the divide between state policy makers and nursing home communities through education and advocacy.

HCCI works diligently to support legislation that will benefit nursing home communities, as well as defeat or correct any legislation that could have a negative impact on those we serve. As an important government affairs component, HCCI actively participates in the development, response and interpretation of both federal and state regulations.

HCCI spearheads an integrated, results-oriented communication program, including newsletters, member alerts and media outreach. The program works to educate members about the ever-changing regulatory landscape, as well as showcase positive stories about Illinois nursing home communities in media outlets across the state.

The Health Care Council of Illinois Political Action Committee (HCCI-PAC) orchestrates our statewide political activities. HCCI-PAC’s political plan includes district visits with legislators, grassroots efforts by nursing home communities, fundraising and campaign activities. Our PAC plays a very active role in election seasons by supporting elected officials who champion nursing home communities, including members of all four legislative caucuses and state executive officers.

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