Regulatory Issues

Dear Member:

Here is the updated 2018 Resident Contract (all docs in a Zip file) - newly formated as a Word document packet containing 23 separate documents along with a Cover Page and a Table of Contents, allowing you print and bundle them into a packet as needed.

Here are the individual files:

2018 Standardized Admission Packet Cover

Admission Packet Table of Contents

Advanced Directives

Audio Video Release Form

Bed Reserve Policy

Correspondence Authorization

Facility Special Notifications

Funeral Home Information

Influenza Vaccine Authorization

Medicare Information and Forms

Personal Property

Physician Policy Notification

Pneumococcal Vaccine Authorization

Privacy Practices

Quality Assurance Worksheets

Resident and Facility Contract

Resident Criminal History Background Checks

Risk Assessment for Abuse and Neglect

Smoking Policy and Laundry Services

State and Federal Notifications

Surrogate Decision-Making

Trust Fund Policy Notification and Authorization

Your Benefit Rights under Medicaid and Medicare




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